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One of the Nice Ones

Cast: 2 female, 2 male
Genre: dark comedy, satire
Keyword: office politics, sexual politics, me too, mean people

Character Breakdown:

TRACY, a white woman in a wheelchair. She is a shark who smells blood in the water.

ROGER, her boss, a cis straight white male. The epitome of privilege.

NEAL, a co-worker, a man of color. Genuinely nice, honest, good.

COLLEEN/WANDA, a client, a woman of color. Done being nice. Fuck nice.


A paraplegic woman plays outrageous power games to get something she desperately wants in this dark, twisty, sexy play that takes office politics to new extremes. 


WINNER, Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award: Best Playwriting
WINNER, Arts in LA Sage Awards: Best Playwriting
NOMINEE, LA Stage Alliance Ovation Awards: Best Playwriting
NOMINEE, Stage Raw Awards: Best Playwriting
WINNER, Stage Raw Awards: Best Actress


“This world premiere comedy, despite pre-show warnings of crass situations and adult language, turns out to have a delicate heart reminding us we are our brothers’ keepers.”

– Time Out LA

“This isn't 'feel good' theater, it's essential theater. It asks us to listen differently, to feel deeply, and to reconsider the world around us. It's begging for a difficult empathy for stories and characters we might rather avoid. One of the Nice Ones isn't easy or perfect but it is important.”


“Veteran theater provocateur Erik Patterson stings once again in One of the Nice Ones... Patterson’s play is an exemplar of rudeness whose near-surreal vulgarity elicits torrents of laughter from his gobsmacked audience.”

– LA Times

“Topsy-turvy satire.”

– LA Weekly

“RECOMMENDED. Scabrously funny.”

– Stage Raw

“Fast moving entertainment of substance that will keep you laughing and cringing in spite of yourself. Office politics at its worst and we can't stop laughing...Excellent writing by Erik Patterson, exquisite direction by Chris Fields and magical performances by a talented cast.”

– Discover Hollywood

"It is Patterson's mischievous mind and unsanitized wit that makes One of the Nice Ones infinitely nicer than the socially damaged characters he has invented."

– ArtsinLA

"This is a snappy, important four-hander of elegant, high-precision acting that is stunningly directed. It entertains with original wit and provokes your mind with scheming clarity."

– People's World

"Unflinchingly profane, Patterson has brought the language that we all may use from time to time bubbling to excess with twists and turns that keep us guessing and gasping...Highly recommended for those with a skewed sense of humor and a high threshold for the language of Henry Miller or maybe Christopher Durang on acid. It's a shocking and a totally unexpected rush."

– On Stage Los Angeles

"Erik Patterson’s intense, outrageous and profane One of the Nice Ones, currently in production at Echo Theater Company, is black comedy at its very best."

– Theatre Notes

"What a winner is this odd and extremely funny One of The Nice Ones by Erik Patterson... Bitingly funny, this satire of these masters of manipulation in their dog-eat-dog corporate world works wonders on our funny-bones you will laugh, even as you cringe at its un-P.C. moments..."


"Brilliantly witty and detailed script...Gripping tension."

– Broadway World